The Shetty and Big Sean Meditation

January 5, 2023

big sean meditation

One of the most talked about rappers of all time, Big Sean, has made the move from hip-hop to the world of meditation. He has created a space where people of all ages can find a little peace of mind. And he has been doing it for the past five years. During his meditation sessions, he uses body language, music, and his voice to convey what he is thinking.

Vic Mensa

While I am not sure if the Big Sean or Vic Mensa were the brains behind the big daddy of them all, the aforementioned duo have a pretty damn impressive list of achievements to their credit. In addition to their musical prowess, they have the requisite perks of being sons of the man in law and a couple of dogs. To top it off, they have the good fortune of being home town brethren. This, plus their plethora of talents, has wrought a bit of envy on many of their neighbors.

The above average gents have had to put in a hefty amount of overtime to ensure that they do not get caught out by the trolls. As they acquaint themselves with the nuances of the game, they are looking for the next big thing.

J Cole

For his latest release, I Decided, Big Sean has collaborated with a number of musical artists. He also released a video series on wellness and mental health. And in August, he will perform in New York City.

The album is a meditation on love and worldly success. In the video, Big Sean talks about his early rap days in Detroit, Michigan.

Sean's song "IDFWU" became an Internet hit. It spawned a number of Internet memes. He was offered the Key to the City of Detroit for his contributions to the Sean Anderson foundation.

His newest album will be released on August 27. It's going to be a big success. During the album's promotional campaign, he will have pop-up shops across the country selling album merchandise.


In the past five years, Big Sean has had a string of sharp studio albums. However, he's been out of the public eye for a lot of the past year. He's been busy with his personal life, including his girlfriend Jhene Aiko.

Previously, Big Sean opened up to Billboard about his struggles with anxiety and depression. Now, he's taking his message of mental health to the public in a series of videos.

While Sean's music may not have the complexity of Kendrick Lamar or the intricate storytelling of Migos, his style is approachable. His lyrics still feature standard flexing and a focus on the everyday guy who made good.

The first track on the album, "Deep Reverence", features Nipsey Hussle. He's also featured on several songs, including "Bounce Back", which is one of Big Sean's best tracks.


The Shetty and big Sean meditation is a must for any hip hop buff in the making. For one thing, the duo was a match made in heaven. And for another, it's hard not to get a feel for this duo's psyches when they're in the same room. They are certainly big shots and not slackers. So, they have each other's back and in the process, they have found a whole new life. After all, it's hard to deny that they've got the goods and the money to burn. Hence, it's no wonder that they're now mates. To keep the romance flowing, they're going to reunite for the first time in their respective careers. If the last three months have been anything to go by, you can expect the aforementioned duo to spend the night on the town for many of the nights to come.

Body Language

Big Sean's Body Language music video is a tribute to some of the most iconic Black love films from the nineties. The video is directed by Child and features Ty Dolla $ign and Jhene Aiko.

In the music video, Big Sean and Jhene Aiko take on the roles of iconic Black actors in a series of movie scenes. The pair recreates iconic moments from their favorite movies. Among the classics they recreate are the "Waiting to Exhale" scene from the 1995 film Waiting to Exhale and the "The Best Man" bachelor party scene from the 1996 film The Best Man.

They begin the video by standing in front of each other and posing with similar mindsets. Their knees are angled towards each other and they touch their legs. Interestingly, they have matching t-shirts. This is indicative of their long-standing relationship.


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