The Shocking True Story of What Happened to Stephanie Hudnall

July 12, 2023

The shocking true story of what happened to stephanie hudnall was featured on the hit Discovery channel show Evil Lives Here. The episode depicts the tragic family history of Iraq War veteran Joshua Hudnall and his manipulative mother Stephanie. The episode details how she convinced her son’s sister to murder her husband, and what ultimately led him to enlist in the military so that he could escape from their dysfunctional household.

Joshua was just a child when his mother Stephanie murdered her husband William in 2011. Her motive was to receive social security benefits from the death of her husband, which is why she manipulated her daughter Guenevere to carry out the killing on her behalf. At the time of the murder, the women were living in a mobile home in Keystone Heights, Florida and struggling with financial problems.

The episode also revealed that Joshua had a difficult relationship with his mother, as she tended to manipulate him in many ways. For example, he claimed that she once poisoned him and once set their bed on fire while he was sleeping. He said that the abuse pushed him to enlist in the military, which was the only way that he could be free from her.

When investigators arrived at the crime scene, they quickly realized that the whole incident was staged. Stephanie denied being in the room when her daughter killed her husband, but Guenevere confessed to police officers that she was the mastermind behind the plot. She and her mother were convicted of second-degree murder, receiving 40-year prison sentences from the court.


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