Tooth Discoloration After Trauma

February 6, 2023

tooth discoloration after trauma

Tooth discoloration after trauma can be a frustrating problem. It can make you feel less confident and negatively affect your smile. It can also lead to problems like cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease.

Tooth color changes in the aftermath of trauma occur when blood vessels inside your teeth bleed. This can cause your tooth to change colors ranging from brown, grey, and black. This transformation is similar to the way your skin changes color after getting a bruise, and it can be a sign that your tooth pulp has suffered a traumatic injury.

Traumatic injuries typically result in a dark discoloration of the pulp and dentin in the root canals, but it can also happen in the crown (where the tooth meets your gums). This can be a symptom of traumatic dental injury or the complication of a previous trauma.

The most common causes of internal tooth discoloration are deterioration or removal of the tissue within your teeth due to trauma. This can happen in the nerve chamber, which is why your dentist may recommend a root canal procedure to remove dead and necrotic tissue to prevent infection from forming in that area. After your root canal, your dentist will recommend internal bleaching to get your tooth back to its original shade.


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