Transformers: What Happened to Sam in Revenge of the Fallen?

April 4, 2024

After the events of the first three live-action transformers films, Shia LaBeouf decided to end his time with the franchise as he felt his character had run its course. He said that he didn't feel like there was anywhere else for Sam Witwicky to go, so the character never returned after Revenge of the Fallen.

Sam is an ordinary teenager who buys his first car - a Camaro - and unwittingly gets caught up in the war between the Autobots and Decepticons. He finds himself able to speak to Bumblebee, whose personality is partially uploaded into the car's computer. Throughout the series, Sam is a reluctant hero who often chafes at being put on the spot. He is prone to anger outbursts, particularly when bully/jock Trent DeMarco teases him about his attempts to try out for the high school football team.

As the film progresses, Sam discovers that he has a rare high-level intelligence and is able to communicate with the robots. He also possesses the ability to draw Cybertronian symbols which he uses to communicate with the Autobots and find out more about The Fallen, who betrayed the Primes millennia ago.

At the end of the movie, Sam, Mikaela and Leo are trapped in a building with the Pillars of Leadership which Optimus needs to reactivate the Matrix of Leadership. In a final attempt to get them out, Sam aims the grappling glove at Starscream's eye causing him to lose control of his vehicle. He then kicks Dylan Gould, the man who held them hostage, into the pillars, killing him.


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