Treehouse Masters - What Happened to Tory?

September 10, 2023

Tory goes to class with Darius and she asks him to tutor her as she wants to learn how to control her powers better. He agrees and as he does so, she is surprised to feel him soaking her with power. He explains that he can only do so because of his Source and as she starts to feel drained, he asks her to take a break. When she comes back to the lesson, he has changed his mind and tells her that once she graduates from the Heirs, he will be in her life a lot.

After class, Tory runs into Caleb and Seth in their Wolf form and they start bullying her. As she tries to leave, they drag her into a cavern and force her onto a ledge high above a sea of stalagmites, which they push until she is barely hanging by them. They tell her that they will drop her if she doesn’t swear that she won’t tell the other Vampires that she is already claimed and then kind of flirt with her.

When she returns to her room, she finds Darius in there. He explains that he had been waiting for her to finish up with the Heirs so they can hang out. As he gets close to her, she starts to worry as she remembers the night he burned down his room and stole her treasure. She feels his power next to her and lets down her barriers, while he caresses her hair.


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