Tuning in to New Potentials by Joe Dispenza

October 22, 2023

Joe Dispenza teaches that infinite possibilities exist right now as electromagnetic frequencies in the quantum field and can be tuned into by matching your energy frequency. The more you tune into a potential, the more your energy will maintain a vibrational match with it and you will be able to attract it into your reality. This meditation will help you imagine your new future before it is made manifest.

By practicing this meditation regularly, you can develop a new habit of connecting with your potential and bringing it into manifestation. This meditation also helps you overcome limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns and creates a stronger sense of self-worth. This meditation is a good follow up to his meditations on creating a more positive mindset, getting a new perspective of your life and the universe and finding a deeper purpose.

During this meditation, you are asked to pick a letter that symbolizes what you want to tune into. It could be a physical healing, a new business or relationship, wealth, health, or anything that you desire. Write it in the middle of a piece of paper and draw two wavy-lined circles around it to represent the electromagnetic field.

You will then begin to tune into this potential by imagining it in your mind and feeling the energy of it. Once you can fully feel the elevated emotions associated with it, you will be able to teach your body and your consciousness what this new potential feels like. This will help you create a new neural pathway in your brain that will begin to attract similar experiences in your life.


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