Unusual Root Vegetable Recipes For This Autumn

March 7, 2023

unusual root vegetables

Whether you’re looking to add more vegetables to your diet or want to try something new, there are plenty of delicious root vegetable recipes you can make this autumn. Not only are they packed with nutrient-dense nutrients, but there are also more varieties of root vegetables than you might think.

Sweet Potatoes: This versatile spud is an excellent source of Vitamin A, B vitamins, potassium, folate and fiber. It is a great addition to salads, roasted dishes or even baked goods like this scrumptious carrot cake!

Celeriac: Known as celery root, this gnarly root is also high in Vitamin K, which is necessary for blood clotting. It's a good choice for growing in potagers and raised beds, though it can be a heavy feeder so be sure to work in a lot of aged manure.

Crosnes: These mint-family roots, related to the lamb’s ears perennial, aren’t a popular staple in the United States, but they taste like Chinese artichoke and can be harvested in your garden. They can be used raw in stir-frys or roasted or sauteed, but they don’t hold up well to boiling so be sure to roast them first.

Radishes: These pungent root veggies are easy to grow and make great salad additions. They are an excellent stand-in for cabbage and can be used raw or cooked.

Cassava: This drought-resistant root veggie isn’t something you’re going to find in your grocery store, but it’s worth trying if you can get your hands on it. It’s also a heavy feeder, so it requires a lot of space to grow.


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