Vegas Rat Rods - What Happened to Twiggy Tallant?

July 29, 2023

If you are a fan of the Discovery Channel reality series, Vegas Rat Rods, then you must have seen Twiggy Tallant. The car customization star was a lone female in Steve Darnell’s male-dominated shop on the show, but she held her own. She has since returned to her native Canada where she continues to pursue her passion for automobiles through welding and metal fabrication. She also supports women in traditionally male industries through her community group, Hair Up, Hustle Hard.

Twiggy’s story is a classic tale of a woman following her dreams in the face of adversity. The model/stripper became infatuated with rat rods and decided to take an automotive course and learn all she could about the trade. It was after she had completed her training that she was approached by Steve Darnell to join his shop in Las Vegas, Nevada, and be part of his TV show.

Despite being the only female in the garage, Twiggy quickly made her mark at Welder Up as an expert fabricator and a hardworking team player. Her personality and grit have earned her the respect of the entire crew, including the other guys on the show. She has had to develop a pretty thick skin working in such a man’s world but she seems to be doing just fine.

Whether she is still pursuing her welding career or has decided to branch out into modeling, one thing is for sure: Twiggy is an inspiration to all women looking to follow their passions in the face of adversity. We can’t wait to see what she does next!


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