Wat Paknam Buddhist Meditation Center

January 2, 2024

Wat Paknam is a quiet meditation temple with small farming villages surrounding it. It is a favorite for foreigners looking to learn mindfulness meditation in the forest tradition and to practice the Dhamma in a wholehearted way that includes service for others. Instruction in English is available. Monks here stress that meditation is not a special activity reserved for special times and places, but an everyday part of life, to be done in every moment.

Many wats and meditation centres expect laypeople to participate in group activities. At this centre, you are free to choose your own schedule. The daily routine is typical of forest monasteries, including early rising (3-4 a.m.), chanting, and meditation; eating only one meal a day (at most); and going on pindabat at daybreak and a limited amount of sleep each night.

Guests are asked to support the monks at this temple by paying for their meals, offering food and flowers, preparing the temple’s kitchen, and making merit. Many of the monks here have a special gift for teaching, so you may find them to be very helpful and supportive.

Ajahn Treetar’s kin told her about the capable monk at Wat Paknam, Bhasicharoen District, Thonburi Province. He could cure people with insight power from meditation and didn’t charge money for his medicine. That made her interested to come to see him. Then she began to practice meditation with him and received his blessings.


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