What Are Some Good Code Words?

March 7, 2023

good code words

Good Code Words

In almost every industry, code words are used to communicate with others, simplify communication and pass on secret information without causing confusion. They can also help alert staff or security teams to an emergency so that everyone can be ready for action.

Code words can be useful during an emergency, whether it is a fire, terror attack or medical incident. By using dedicated technology, you can easily alert employees to the situation and ensure they know what to do and how to react.

Airports and on board flights often use specialist code words for emergencies, such as 'Code Bravo', which indicates there's a bomb threat or other security breach. It can also indicate a dangerous situation on the ship, such as a man overboard.

Teachers have also been known to use code words, especially for safety reasons. They can say, "Ready, set, code word!" to students when they want them to work together.

Kids can also use code words when they need to get out of an uncomfortable situation. This strategy can save them from embarrassing themselves in front of their friends, and it can also help shift the blame to their parents if they're caught doing something wrong.

The best code words are ones that your kids can understand and remember. They should also be appropriate to the situation and not be inappropriate for adults to say. They should be short and to the point, so that they don't scare anyone off.


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