What Are the Meanings of Colors During Color Meditation?

April 20, 2023

Color Meditation

Color Meditation is a simple yet profound practice that can lead to great transformation.

It is an open-ended practice that works with any medium you choose. In my case I tend to work with watercolor and gouache but it can also be done with markers, colored pencils or even collage.

The meanings of the colors that you see during meditation are complex and may have multiple layers. They can stand for a number of things such as personal growth, spiritual enlightenment, psychological understanding, healing of your body and age-old wisdom.


Red represents a strong passion and energy, vigor, radiance, warmth and vibrancy. It is a color that will encourage you to take action and push yourself into a new direction, whether it's in your job or in your life as a whole.


Orange is a symbol of ripening and maturity. It is also associated with the sun, a source of light that gives birth to the new day and the new beginnings of the day.


The color pink is a gentle, nurturing color that can symbolize thoughtful caring, sensitive worldview and emotional balance. It can also be a sign that you are receptive to love and affection, as well as the possibility of positive outcomes during your meditation.


The color blue enhances your mental capacity and clears away distractions. However, it can be a challenge to focus on blue with your eyes closed and might make you drowsy. If this is the case, it's a good idea to try seeing violet or indigo before trying blue.


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