What Do I Say When Giving Out AA Chips?

January 4, 2023

what to say when giving out aa chips

If you are a member of an AA group, then you have probably come across the question, "What do I say when giving out AA chips?" This question is important because it can help you understand if the person you are about to give out the chips is on the path to sobriety. A sobriety chip is a tangible reminder of sobriety and is a sign that the individual has achieved some sort of milestone in their sobriety journey.

Sobriety chips are a tangible reminder of sobriety

AA chips are small round tokens that are given to members of 12-step groups. They serve as a motivating tool for new sobriety, as well as a reminder of milestones in recovery.

The practice of giving sobriety chips began in Elmira, NY, in 1947, with the Oxford Group. Today, many AA groups give 24-hour medallions to new members, as well as sobriety plastic chips to members during their first year of recovery.

Sobriety chips are sometimes handed out at a meeting or in the mail. Chips are made from different materials and in different shapes, depending on the group. Some people keep their chips in a special keepsake box. Others give them to their children as a gift.

Sobriety coins are also available for alcoholics who have been sober for a long time. They are often a token of encouragement and can be purchased online or at a local token shop.

AA medallions are small round tokens that are made from different materials and come in a variety of colors. These tokens are sometimes made from aluminum or silver-plated metal.

Chips are meant to celebrate a number of sobriety achievements, including daily sobriety, anniversary milestones, and birthdays. Most widely recognized sobriety milestones are based on the amount of substance-free days.

Sobriety chips are available for various milestones

Sobriety chips are a tangible reminder of your sobriety milestones. These small round tokens are given out by many AA and NA fellowships to commemorate specific times and events.

Usually AA sobriety chips are made of brass, aluminum or crystals. They are a useful tool for promoting sobriety and encouraging other members. However, they are not a requirement of the 12-Step Program.

AA groups use sobriety chips to celebrate sobriety milestones, and they are generally color-coded. The colors represent different periods of sobriety.

For example, bronze is used to mark the one-year mark. Green is for eleven months of sobriety. Purple is for nine months. Red is for thirty days of sobriety. And blue is for six months.

Aside from the milestones listed above, AA groups also give out chips for other achievements. Some groups give out monthly chips, while others give out annual chips.

Aside from being a way to celebrate sobriety milestones, these small round tokens serve as a tangible reminder that recovery is possible. They can help sober members set goals and motivate them to stay sober.

As with most AA or NA 12-Step programs, AA sobriety chips are not a requirement of the program. In fact, they are not even mentioned in the Big Book.

AA sobriety chips are a sign of a relapse

If you have been a member of Alcoholics Anonymous for a long time, you may have a collection of AA sobriety chips. Originally, these were used as a way to celebrate sobriety milestones. Some people in recovery keep their chips in a special storage box to remind them of their sobriety.

While these are not a requirement for joining AA, many members keep them as a motivating tool. They are small round tokens made of aluminum, brass, or crystal. Each color represents a different length of sobriety.

There are several AA groups that offer these tokens to new members. These coins are meant to remind you that you are not alone and have the support you need.

Many groups use sobriety chips to mark significant milestones in a 12-step member's recovery. A common celebration is the anniversary of the day the person first decided to live a sober life.

Most AA fellowships use colored chips to mark the milestones. For example, a pink chip represents five months of sobriety. During this period, people are encouraged to stay sober, reach out to others, and continue to work their recovery.

Other types of sobriety mementos include sobriety medallions and key tags. Key tags are kept on a key ring to serve as a reminder of sobriety.


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