What Do The Abbreviations For AA Meetings Mean?

May 2, 2023

In the world of 12-step support groups, there are many acronyms that are used. Some are very common and can be confusing to newcomers.

Some of the acronyms refer to AA meetings, while others indicate the type of meeting. Regardless, you don’t have to know what all these abbreviations mean to attend an AA meeting.

AA Meeting

An AA Meeting is a gathering of alcoholics who have made the decision to stop drinking. These meetings are a valuable source of peer support.

A group of AA members gather in a room or community space to study the 12 steps and the AA program of recovery. Often, they meet in a clubhouse that has been specifically built for the purpose of holding these types of meetings.

The meetings are led by a chairperson, secretary or both. Typically, they begin with the Serenity Prayer and may include some reading from conference-approved literature.

AA meetings are non-religious and are open to people from all religions or spiritual beliefs. They provide a supportive environment for members of all beliefs and backgrounds to help others in their struggle with alcoholism.

AA Group

AA groups provide a place for people in recovery to connect with other individuals who share their experiences and feelings. Whether you are just starting your journey or have been in recovery for years, finding an AA group in Washington state or across the country could make a big difference.

Many AA meetings have a specific format. They may begin with a Serenity Prayer and include readings from conference-approved literature. Depending on the group, they may also discuss topics related to sobriety.

For example, many groups will devote one or more meetings to studying a particular Step or Tradition. Others will discuss two or three Steps at a time, and some will focus on the Big Book and Twelve Traditions.

Some AA groups also schedule special events to celebrate members’ sobriety anniversaries. These events can help members feel supported and encouraged to stay sober for a prolonged period of time.

AA Clubhouse

Alcoholics Anonymous is a self-supporting organisation, which means it is run by members and supported by voluntary contributions collected from members. These funds are sent to Intergroup and used for public information, prison service, phone service and any other expenses that Intergroup need money for.

The AA Clubhouse is a gathering place that is open to anyone who claims membership in AA. It does not have an official name or function, but it is a place where people who are in recovery can meet and get together at times when they cannot attend their regular group meetings.

There are scores of these hospitable havens, and there is no doubt that it has played an important part in a large number of members’ lives. If a vote were taken tomorrow, I believe a sizable majority of AA members would say they wish there were more of them. In any case, they have become part of the fabric of AA and it is not an unusual sight to see a new club being started every month!

AA Discussion

An AA discussion is the name given to a meeting in which members share their experiences in a structured manner. There are several different formats, ranging from speaker meetings where one or two members speak to open discussion meetings, which allow anyone to share their story in turn.

In an AA discussion, the leader selects a topic of interest to the group and leads a discussion on it. Some topics may be related to Alcoholics Anonymous literature (The Big Book, Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions), while others may be more personal in nature.

Most discussion meetings begin with readings from conference approved literature and a short prayer. Depending on the format of the group, discussion may be followed by a speaker or another reading. Some groups may also close the meeting with a moment of silence and prayer or the Responsibility Statement. During a discussion, it is important to avoid what is called “cross talk” or interjecting your opinions and advice into the discussions of others.


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