What Does Dead Hair Look Like?

February 11, 2023

what does dead hair look like

What Does Dead Hair Look Like

The ends of your hair are the oldest part and are often where damage is most noticeable. When the ends are frayed and dry it is a sign that your hair needs a little TLC.

Your hair might feel very brittle and rough to the touch. This can be caused by an overload of chemicals or harsh shampoos.

You may also notice a few patches of your hair that seem to be thinner than the rest of the strands. This is a very common symptom of damage and usually requires some sort of treatment to repair it.

Another indicator that you need to get your hair repaired is if you are finding it hard to detangle your hair when it is wet or when it is straight. This is a very normal occurrence for everyone however if your tangles are not able to be detangled easily and the tangles start to travel then it is a sign that you need some extra protein in your hair.

If you are looking to try and detangle your hair then one of the best ways is to slather some of a hair mask on your strands. This will help to deeply condition your tresses and bring them back to life.


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