What Does Degrading Kink Mean?

June 12, 2023

Degradation kink is a fetish that involves being humiliated in sexual situations. It’s commonly found in people who identify as sadists or masochists. This is because both sadism and masochism are ways of experiencing pleasure that involve inflicting or feeling pain. Degradation kink can be very intense and a little bit scary to try at first, but once you dive in and take the plunge you may find it to be an experience that’s deeply satisfying and exciting.

A person who has a degrading kink is turned on by having their dignity, self-respect and power taken away. The degrading can be done verbally, psychologically or even physically. A top or dominant partner can use degradation to get the bottom or submissive to submit to their wishes and desires. The submissive or bottom partner can be humiliated by being spanked, spit on, or called vulgar pet names. This can be a sexy experience that’ll give the couple lots of erotic satisfaction and they might want to do it again and again.

Some people also enjoy doing degrading kink in public to add more excitement and intensity. This can include role play, dressing up in costumes and going out into the world to be slaves or dominants in front of other people’s prying eyes. Examples of this are wolf play, Little Red Riding Hood or being the teacher to naughty students.

Just like with any kink, it’s important to make sure that you and your partner are clear on what the expectations and boundaries are before embarking on any kink session. You should also have a good way of communicating during the scene in case anything goes wrong.


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