What Does Meditation Feel Like?

January 5, 2023

what does meditation feel like

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to meditate? You know, that feeling of being totally calm and connected, the feeling that you're melting into the couch or floor? Or that feeling of being able to be in tune with your friends and family?

Feeling like you're sinking or melting into the floor and furniture

Performing the best meditation rituals will yield a few noteworthy experiences. For instance, you may be rewarded with a high quality snooze. Likewise, you could be pampered with a relaxing evening out. And what could be better than a little me time? However, in this day and age, we're often inundated with work, school and home duties. If you're looking for a nudge in the right direction, try your hand at meditation. This will result in a more balanced, stress-free you. Moreover, you can even try to cool off in the process. With the right approach, you can experience the zen of meditation while still keeping an eye on the prize.

To get the most out of your meditation routine, try to make a regular habit of sitting in your favorite chair for at least 30 minutes a day. Also, try to stick to one meditation style per week. This will ensure that you keep your sanity intact and your mind off work.

Feeling like you are connected and in sync with friends and family

A spiritual connection is akin to an electric current between two people. It could be as simple as a few well-placed e-mails or as elaborate as a full-blown relationship. The best part is that it can happen with anyone. There are certainly plenty of examples of spiritual connections among colleagues, co-workers and even friends and family.

As with most things in life, the secret is in the details. While it may be hard to actually measure the degree of your connection to the universe, the more you get to know yourself and your closest friends and family the better off you will be. Regardless of your situation, there are a few proven techniques to help you find yourself again. Whether it is meditation, tai chi, or simply a daily dose of good ol' fashion sunshine, there are surefire ways to boost your psyche and improve your health.

Observing your breath as it goes in and out

Breathing is an essential part of mindfulness. It connects you to your body and gives you a sense of connection. The way you breathe can be slow, fast, or shallow. All are fine.

Observing your breath as it goes in and out feels like meditation, but it can be difficult at first. Developing the skill of mindful observation requires you to focus on your breathing without judgment or expectations.

You can practice observing your breath anywhere. Whether you're walking, sitting, or in the car, watch your breath. When you do, you'll be better able to regulate your stress and improve your mental and physical health.

Many people find the act of observing their breath helpful, especially when they experience symptoms of anxiety or stress. In fact, stress has been shown to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Reacting to thoughts while meditating

One of the biggest difficulties for many people when they first start meditating is reacting to thoughts. These negative, distracting thoughts can affect all aspects of your life. Whether you are trying to focus on schoolwork or work, you can easily become lost in thought. However, meditation is designed to help you quiet the mind. During a meditation session, you can practice focusing on your breathing and the content of your meditation.

While there is no rule against meditating while you think, it can be a good idea to bring your attention back to your breath and other activities if you find yourself in an overactive thought cycle. Having a goal in mind when you meditate can make it easier to keep your attention focused on your task.

After doing meditation

If you have ever practiced meditation, you might have wondered what it feels like after doing it. You might also wonder how to keep the feeling of calm that comes after meditation. It's important to remember that the physical and mental effects of meditation vary from person to person.

In the beginning, you may experience the normal, physical feelings of sleepiness and discomfort. But after months of practicing, you'll be able to feel the deep benefits of meditation.

One of the most common feelings after meditation is a sense of bliss. This is a sensation that can last for many hours after the meditation. Feeling this way is a sign that you have become deeply in touch with yourself.

Another type of sensation you'll experience is lightness. This feeling is caused by the slowed heart rate and a relaxed state of mind.


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