What Does the 21 Angel Number Mean?

March 7, 2023

When you see this number frequently, it’s a sign from your angels that positive changes are coming your way. It’s time to start manifesting your dreams and goals.

New Opportunities and Abundance

This number is a powerful symbol of abundance in all areas of your life. Whether you’re looking to grow your business or improve your relationships, you’ll be able to achieve all of your goals if you follow the right mindset and put in the effort.

Ascendancy and Self-Reliance

The number 21 is a sign that you should start relying more on yourself to make your heart’s desires come true. You can rely on family and friends to support you, but ultimately, everything should come from you.

You have the ability to rise above obstacles and challenges that you face in your life, but it’s important that you take care of yourself first so that you don’t lose your sense of self. This means taking good care of your health, staying fit, and eating well.

Assertiveness and Confidence

You’re a strong-willed person who doesn’t take no for an answer. This can be a good thing, but it can also create unnecessary stress when you’re not confident about your life goals.


The angels are encouraging you to be more assertive in your relationships and to express your feelings clearly. This will help you to build a strong and healthy relationship with your partner.

You’ll find that people will want to be around you, so be ready for a lot of interaction! But don’t forget to give your partner the space they need to feel happy and safe.


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