What Ever Happened to Boonk Gang?

July 29, 2023

When you wake up in the morning, you most likely sip your coffee and scroll through social media to catch up on any overnight posts. Most of the time, you’ll be greeted by memes or “trouble sleeping” posts. But if you’re an avid Instagram user, you may have come across a few prank videos too. And one of those pranks was not only extremely cruel but also very dangerous.

A man who goes by the online moniker Boonk Gang (real name John Robert Hill) took to Instagram in 2017 and quickly gained popularity for posting prank videos of himself doing things like stealing food, live-streaming himself having sex with women, and other questionable antics. He even drew the attention of police, and was arrested twice on suspicion of illegal narcotics possession.

Boonk has since gone on to create a YouTube channel, with more than 500,000 subscribers. But his options for broadcasting new content became limited after Instagram shut down his account. He hasn’t had any luck getting the site to reopen his account, so he now only posts on his YouTube channel and Facebook page.

While he hasn’t shared much about his personal life, he does have a son with whom he appears to be close. He has also recently discovered religion and dedicated his life to Christianity, a move that was documented on camera as he was baptised. His followers have been sending their best wishes and support for his journey.


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