What Happened Between Jon and Arin?

August 24, 2023

The question of what happened between jon and arin has been a hotly debated topic among Game Grumps fans. Many of the show’s viewers have bonded with Jon and Arin over their friendship, their gaming passions, and their desire to make people smile. Some even claim that the duo has helped them through tough times.

When Jon left the series in 2013 it created a stir within the community. Some wondered why he decided to leave and others speculated that he had left because of the controversy surrounding his racist remarks on a stream. Arin remained steadfast in his beliefs that the comments were not racist but he was frustrated by the backlash from some of his viewers.

Since Jon left, the show has continued to thrive. It has branched out into a YouTube Red series with Dan Avidan called Good Game which followed a fictional esports team. The duo have also released a new podcast with co-host Greg Mallory.

Despite the success of the show, some fans feel that it lost its magic after Jon left. They feel that the team has become too focused on making money and that they have pushed away some of their core audience.

Others still wonder why Jon left the show and why he did so abruptly. He never gave a clear explanation for his departure other than saying that he wanted to focus on his own channel JonTron and that he wanted to be more creative in his content.


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