What Happened on May 19th?

July 29, 2023

Kane is one of the most menacing and terrifying wrestlers in WWE history. He has a dark and mysterious backstory that adds to his mystique. He is also the brother of the Undertaker and has many of his same traits. The two are larger than life characters that fans love to hate. But, what was their real-life relationship like?

The storyline began in 2006 and revolved around Kane’s obsession with the date May 19th. The date was significant to Kane because it was the release date of his movie See No Evil. Kane claimed that he was haunted by a traumatic memory involving May 19th and would become violent whenever it was mentioned. Then, an impostor dressed in a Kane mask and red costume began to torment him. The impostor refused to reveal his name but was later revealed to be Luke Gallows.

At the end of the storyline, the real Kane was forced to face his impostor in a pay-per-view match at Backlash. The rematch was one of the most bizarre matches in WWE history. The two wrestled a standard wrestling match with takedowns, arm drags and kickups. But, it wasn’t the match that entertained the audience.

When the match was over, the Titantron showed Kane’s old mask and it caused him to go into meltdown mode. He then hit Big Show in the head with a steel chair and left the ring in a rage. Kane’s behavior was shocking and it is likely that the storyline had nothing to do with reality.


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