What Happened to 23 Jump Street?

February 8, 2024

When Phil Lord and Chris Miller took a fondly remembered 1980s TV show about young police officers posing as high school students to bust crimes and turned it into the rib-tickling 22 Jump Street, they didn't just nab a few laughs. They tossed a rock into the Hollywood pool, creating ripples that are still lapping against the shores of other buddy-cop flicks today.

Those ripples may have reached even farther than expected, as the end credits of the second film teased more than a dozen faux sequels. But one idea that never came to fruition was a crossover between the 23 Jump Street franchise and the Men in Black series. Titled MIB 23, the idea was reportedly leaked during the Sony hack in 2014 and ultimately struggled to move forward as James Bobin had moved on to other projects and Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones would not have returned to reprise their roles.

The story of what happened to 23 jump street has been a tale of shifting industry trends, busy schedules for stars Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, and complex financing arrangements. But the charisma of the two leads, the creativity of the directors, and the love of fans has kept the franchise alive.

Now, it seems like a third installment is finally happening. Deadline reports that a writer from 21 Jump Street is being hired to draft the new movie, which will probably be titled 23 Jump Street and might or might not have Medical School as part of its name. And it sounds like Lord and Miller will be involved in some capacity, too, though they won't be directing this time around.


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