What Happened to Adam in Lab Rats Elite Force?

September 10, 2023

The fifth and final season of Lab Rats aired on Disney XD in 2016 and the show came to an end months later. The series starred William Brent, Kelli Berglund, Tyrel Jackson Williams, Maile Flanagan, Jeremy Kent Jackson, Angel Parker, Spencer Boldman, Brandon Salgado Telis and more. The storyline merged two popular Disney Channel shows -- Lab Rats and Mighty Med and centered around three bionic teenagers who attend Davenport Bionic Academy and battle new, old and even some of the same enemies.

As the oldest of the siblings, Adam Charles Davenport possesses super strength making him one of the strongest in the world. He also has heat vision and laser vision as well as telekinesis. He often pranks his younger brother Chase and likes to remind him of how casually he can overpower him. However, he genuinely cares for Chase and will jump into action to protect him if needed.

In addition to his super strength, he is the most durable of the family and can withstand force that would normally kill a regular human. He can also use his heat vision to generate flames (Crush, Chop and Burn) or shoot beams of laser light through his eyes intentionally (Taken and You Posted What?!?).

His emotions can affect his abilities, such as anger triggering his heat vision and blast wave, or happiness causing him to accidentally activate plasma grenades. His powers can also glitch occasionally, such as in Hole In One when he unknowingly activated his super strength and knocked Bree across the room.


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