What Happened to Adrian on the Series Finale of Animal Kingdom?

September 10, 2023

Animal Kingdom is coming to an end, but the show’s star has a new gig in the works. Jake Weary, who plays Deran Cody on TNT’s hit drama, has signed a deal for his first feature film, Vanity Fair reports. He will co-write and star in the film, along with directing it. In a post on Instagram, Weary announced that he’s taking his time to make sure the project is the best it can be.

What Happened to Adrian on the Series Finale of Animal Kingdom?

In the season 4 finale of the drama, a mole for the DEA reveals himself to be Adrian’s boyfriend. Throughout the season, viewers watched Adrian and Deran drop low-key hints about their relationship while acting like carefree dorks in public.

But with Adrian facing a prison sentence, he and the DEA strike a deal. The youngest Cody brother then convinces Adrian to participate in a surf competition. They plan to flee the country with him, using new identities, but after the DEA tells Adrian that they saw his boarding pass in airport security footage, he decides to stay.

Craig tries to persuade Adrian not to go back to prison, but the heartbroken gangster says he’s loved Deran since they were kids and always will. Despite that, he also admits to hating the man for spying on him. Meanwhile, Smurf tries to rekindle her romance with Colin and deals with Mia’s abusive ex, Tupi.


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