What Happened to Allen Lafferty?

October 12, 2023

On July 24, 1984, 24-year-old devout Mormon Brenda Wright Lafferty was stabbed and strangled to death with her 15-month-old daughter, Erica, in the Utah home she shared with husband Allen. The horrific double homicide was committed by her brother-in-laws, Ron and Dan Lafferty, who claimed they had received divine instruction to carry out the killings.

As depicted in Hulu’s 'Under the Banner of Heaven,' the family of Allen Lafferty was extremely devout and religious. He met Brenda when she was a broadcast journalism student at Brigham Young University and they married in April 1982. Her college education and progressive beliefs enraged the fundamentalist Ron and Dan Lafferty, who viewed her as a threat to their belief in polygamy. During their trial, Ron and Dan admitted that they killed Brenda and Erica because God told them to.

When Allen arrived home from work as a construction worker, he discovered a murder scene that was straight out of hell. His wife lay in a pool of blood and their baby girl was dead in her crib. The perpetrators had even disconnected the phone lines so that he couldn’t call the authorities. He ran to a neighbor’s house to ask for help but felt compelled to return and pray next to his wife’s body.

Since the infamous double homicide, Allen Lafferty has had several children and is currently living in Saratoga Springs, Utah, at age 64. According to Cinemaholic, he found a new partner and started a family after the deaths of Brenda and Erica and now works as a lifestyle coach and motivational speaker in the area. He also remains devoted to the LDS Church and regularly attends services.


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