What Happened to Amiri King?

March 14, 2024

Amiri King is a famous comedian who is best known for his YouTube videos of homemade, uproariously funny web comedy. The sarcastic, self-deprecating, and politically incorrect humor has garnered King considerable fame on the internet, as well as a devoted following of viewers and subscribers.

The comedian was born Tony Donovan Schorkle on July 10, 1979 in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. He changed his name to Amiri King in honor of the poet Amiri Baraka, whom he admired. His early life was not a happy one, and he had many run-ins with the law as a young man.

After his release from prison, he decided to turn over a new leaf and began giving motivational talks to high school students to help them avoid the pitfalls he had fallen into. He also started his own YouTube channel in 2008, called RoyalMediaMafia, where he posted various comedic and parody videos.

As the popularity of his YouTube channel rose, so did his fame and wealth. He even went on to test the waters in the film world, and he has appeared in several movies, including Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse with Rick and Ed (2014).

In addition to his work on YouTube, Amiri King makes a living by doing comedy through his Facebook page and other platforms. He is a family man and takes care of his three daughters with tremendous love and compassion. In addition, he is a good friend to his fans and gives back to them on a daily basis. But all that is in danger now as he is being targeted by social justice warriors on all platforms.


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