What Happened To Andrew Dawson?

March 27, 2024

What Happened To andrew dawson

In the age of the internet, the enigmatic tale of TikTok content creator Andrew Dawson serves as a stark reminder that fame can be fleeting. The 34-year-old Canadian accumulated millions of followers for his eclectic mix of content, but after posting what he described as an encounter with a “giant,” his life went spiraling downwards. He ultimately lost his life, and though an obituary has confirmed his death, the circumstances surrounding the events leading to it remain murky.

The video in question depicted a figure that appeared to be positioned on top of a mountain and was labeled as a giant by Dawson. It was uploaded in April 2022, and instantly went viral. While many viewers attributed the spectacle to adroit editing or a trick of optics, others were convinced that the figure was real. Regardless, the controversy that followed it left the online community captivated and tense.

After the controversial video, Dawson posted a series of messages that alleged interactions with both the CIA and the Canadian CSIS. He also claimed that he was being stalked by a dark sedan and a drone. The final upload on his account was a short clip on May 18th asking if the military was conducting an operation on the mountain in question.

That was the last time anyone saw anything from Dawson, and a lot of people have been wondering what happened to him. Now, an obituary has been published in the Campbell River Mirror that confirmed his passing on 1 July 2022, but many people have doubted the obituary’s authenticity.


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