What Happened to Andy Kelly on Bering Sea Gold?

July 30, 2023

As for Andy Kelly’s family, he has a lot of siblings and his mother, Wendy, currently lives in Hawaii following her split from Brad. He also has a brother, Kris, who is also a gold miner on the show. He and Andy frequently butt heads with their father, who often takes advantage of them in the dredging business.

It’s no secret that the Kelly family has some serious drama on the show. In fact, they’ve been known to get into full-blown fights with one another on several occasions. But a recent episode of Bering Sea Gold has raised some questions about whether or not there was actually a death in the Kelly family.

The latest Bering Sea Gold episode featured the Kelly family working in Elim. The crew, which includes patriarch Brad and sons Andy and Kris, was dredging miles away from shore. Brad thinks the crew is risking their lives by ignoring safety protocols and by using untested equipment. He says that he’s “just not comfortable with it.”

When a member of the crew is spotted by an iceberg, Brad tells them to head to the surface immediately. However, Andy disagrees with Brad and insists on staying in the water to continue dredging. The brothers then start fighting and Andy pushes Shawn into the water. Shawn races to call 911 and report the incident. The video went viral and raised speculation about a death in the family. But a source close to the family denied that this was true.


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