What Happened to Andy on Roseanne?

September 10, 2023

What Happened to Andy on Roseanne

In the season eight episode of Roseanne, Jackie gives birth to her and Fred’s son Andy Harris. The young boy was born with a rare genetic condition that makes him prone to heart attacks. Despite a series of tests, the doctor gave him little hope for survival. Luckily, he pulled through with the help of his mother and grandmother.

During the season ten finale of Roseanne, the family matriarch revealed that Andy’s existence was confirmed and that he was working on a fishing boat in Alaska. Fans were left wondering if the character would make an appearance on The Conners, but it looks like that won’t be happening. The showrunner has told TVLine that he won’t be reprising the role of Jackie’s absentee son on the spinoff series.

Johnny Galecki was initially credited as “Kevin Healy” but quickly changed it to “David” because that’s what Roseanne Barr wanted him called. Ultimately, he only appeared in a handful of episodes during the first five seasons of Roseanne before leaving the series full-time to attend Vassar College. She re-appeared as Becky for what was supposed to be the final season of the original series, but ended up leaving again.


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