What Happened to Aneska From Dr Phil?

July 12, 2023

When 12-year-old Aneska appeared on the show, she was a violent and manipulative child who frequently threatened her family. Her mother Melanie and father Dave said she was in a constant state of crisis and that she had bludgeoned the family pet hamster and killed a nest of baby birds in fits of anger. They were told that she had Bipolar Disorder and Sensory Dysregulation Disorder, but medications they were prescribed did little to calm her.

Since then, the little girl with disturbing tendencies seemed to have gotten much better, and it seems like she's finally turning into a normal teenager. In June 2017, her mom posted a picture of her whole family on Facebook including Aneska, and she appears to have made quite a bit of progress in the four years since appearing on Dr. Phil. To see the photo and learn more about her journey, keep reading!


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