What Happened to Angela on Animal Kingdom?

July 29, 2023

Apparently, Smurf's been having major health issues that could possibly kill her. That's not good news for the Cody family as a whole, especially now that Angela has shown up on their doorstep. She's working to ingratiate herself with Pope and Craig, and it seems she may be in it for the long haul.

What happened to angela on animal kingdom

Smurf hasn't exactly welcomed Angela with open arms when she shows up at the house — but she doesn't seem like she's leaving anytime soon. She and Pope have a heart to heart by the poolside and it ends with him inviting her to stay for as long as she wants, much to Smurf's dismay. She'll definitely be causing trouble for the family in her new position as a full-time member of their crew, and she already has a couple of things up her sleeve that could spell disaster for the Cody clan.

Who is Craig's dad on animal kingdom?

While some fans were shocked when it was revealed that Smurf died on Sunday night's episode of Animal Kingdom, the showrunner explains why the Bones actress's character wasn't supposed to stick around too long. "We wanted to keep tying everything back to Smurf, and while Emily is a phenomenal actress, we never intended her to pick up that energy for more than one season," Animal Kingdom showrunner Daniele Nathanson told TVLine. "We knew we had a great thing with her but also knew we had to shake things up. We're coming from the movie world, where you normally do three months and then you're done."


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