What Happened to Animated James?

March 7, 2023

what happened to animated james

What happened to animated james?

AnimatedJames is an American YouTuber who has a large number of job titles under his name, such as an animator, a comic book artist, a comedian, and an author. He is well known for his amazing work, and many fans and users have been wondering what happened to him.

The AnimatedJames fetish began in 2015, when James created a DeviantArt account dedicated to sexualized eproctophilia artwork and posted it on his main Twitter and DeviantArt accounts. He also posted some sexualized artwork on his Tumblr blog, as well.

After a while, it was revealed that he had a fetish for farts. He also started posting images of girls farting and shitting themselves online, creating huge amounts of lulz for his viewers.

Eventually, he became a bit of a toxic personality, being rude and obnoxious to many people. He had even been banned from BronyCon after making rape jokes at a panel.

He has been getting help through medication, talking to two therapists, and online counseling. However, his family healthcare plan ended in late 2016 and he was forced to quit all of these things.

As a result, he is unable to focus on his artwork, and he has started focusing on writing comic books. He is also working on a new series called C Students, based on an 11 minute short he previously made. It is meant to be easier to manage and create, having fewer people involved.


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