What Happened to Anthony Recker on SNY?

August 23, 2023

What Happened to Anthony Recker On Sny

Growing up in Pennsylvania, Anthony Recker’s parents taught him a good work ethic and that if you do the little things right, the big things will take care of themselves. The Catasauqua High School alum pursued a professional baseball career and ended up playing in MLB for four different teams from 2011 to 2017.

During his brief major league stint, Recker earned a reputation for being one of the game’s hardest workers on the field and in the clubhouse. His relentless pursuit of excellence made him a favorite of fans.

He also had a solid understanding of the game and how it worked. This allowed him to be an effective analyst on SNY’s game broadcasts and studio shows. He filled in for Hernandez and Darling on the broadcast team when the duo was absent.

Recker’s personable personality and astute baseball acumen make him a natural behind the microphone. He’s a great fit for the SNY brand. In the offseason, Recker spends time working on his craft and includes HitTrax in his routine to help him get ready for the next season.

Recker is currently a regular contributor on SNY’s “Baseball Night in New York” and other shows and platforms for the network. He’s also a sports analyst for MLB Network and has been with the company since March 2022.


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