What Happened to Artie Lange's Nose?

March 21, 2024

Comedian Artie Lange has been a force of nature on the Howard Stern Show and Mad TV for decades, but his drug abuse has also left him with an oddly deformed nose. His nose has become a poster child for why you shouldn’t snort drugs like heroin and cocaine, as it is now shaped more like a reverse Pinocchio nose than the one that gave him his start in comedy.

The comedian tweeted out a picture of his mugshot last week and fans noticed that his nose has been completely flattened out, as is common with people who have been addicted to hard drugs for a long time. He was arrested at a halfway house in New Jersey for violating his probation, and he posted a photo of himself with the caption, “Heroin made my nose collapse.”

Artie Lange has been open about his drug problems on podcasts and other media platforms in the past, but he’s never revealed what happened to his nose until now. During an interview with Jessica Pilot and Adam Kaplan on the NSFW Are We Still Talking About This podcast, Lange discussed his addictions, Howard Stern, Louis C.K., and his 7,000 square foot “f-u” home that he traded to cover a gambling debt.

But when he got to the part about his nose, that’s when he started to get really candid. He explained that he accidentally snorted glass (Seriously) and that it happened when some chick he was with used a salt shaker to crush up some Oxycontin pills that also contained shards of glass. Artie then snorted those shards and it permanently damaged his septum.


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