What Happened To Ats Top Boy?

July 29, 2023

What Happened To Ats Top Boy?

After a long hiatus, Netflix picked up the crime drama series Top Boy and it has been a huge success. Season four has seen plenty of bloody gang violence, cover ups and huge twists but there is one massive mystery that fans are dying to know the answer to.

Ats (played by Keiyon Cook) was one of the good kids on the Summerhouse estate who got involved with Dushane’s drug-dealing gang in order to help his mom Amma fight their deportation battle. He fell into the gangster world a bit too deep though and was given the huge task of framing Jamie (Micheal Ward) for a murder he did not commit.

As the gang began to suspect that Ats was being targeted, Kit ordered Dexter to teach him a lesson. Dexter accidentally killed Ats in the process and it looked like he was going to get locked up.

But then Dushane U-turned and struck a deal with Jamie. The gang was horrified at the turn of events but it turned out that it was all for good.

The show’s creator and star Ashley Walters has been very clear that there is no Top Boy without Dushane or Kane Robinson’s Sully and this is why it was so heart-breaking to see Ats killed off so soon.


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