What Happened To Autumn's Foot On Masterchef?

March 7, 2023

what happened to autumns foot on masterchef

What Happened To Autumn's Foot On Masterchef

Autumn is a popular contestant on season 11 of the show. She was a fan favorite, and her bubbly personality had many fans rooting for her. However, she didn't win the competition.

She was eliminated during episode 6 when her fish tacos didn't impress the judges. Her dish lacked flavor and vibrancy.

Her halibut dish was overcooked and didn't have enough texture, which also impacted her score.

It appears that Autumn was a bartender in Boston before she got involved with the show. She also has an Instagram account that features highlights from her life, such as a photo of herself with Ariana Grande and her family.

She has since returned to her local bar, but her foot is still recovering from a broken ankle she suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to some eagle-eyed Reddit users who kept up with her social media during the outbreak, Autumn fractured her foot while messing around with her sisters.

The eagle-eyed Reddit user also posted a picture of Autumn with her three little sisters on her Instagram story, showing them trying to recreate a childhood photo. They were all stacked on top of each other. The last sister allegedly leaped on her, and the other two sisters collapsed.

It's a hilarious story, and it shows that Autumn is a bright, sunny person. She has an Instagram account that shares her love for video games and cooking. She's also a huge fan of Ariana Grande, which makes sense considering her highlight section on Instagram is dedicated to the songstress.


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