What Happened to Autumn's Leg on MasterChef?

March 7, 2023

what happened to autumns leg on masterchef

What happened to autumn's leg on masterchef

Despite her impressive cooking skills, it was clear that Autumn had a serious injury in her foot while she was on the show. She was wearing a huge cast on her foot which looked like it was broken.

Social media is a great place for news to spread quickly and her Instagram followers were the ones who discovered the truth. Her mother Kim Varney was also a nurse and she hopped on her Facebook to share the fact that Autumn was injured during her time on the show, which was exactly a year ago now.

Her fans have been asking questions about the accident and even prayed for her. This is a big thing for her because she had an incredible fan base. She has over 106,000 followers on Instagram where she shares her love for video games and cooking.

She was a strong chef with a funny side but she was sent home in the final episode of season 11 on MasterChef Legends. She was the co-runner-up on that season and had a great personality which really resonated with many people.

In the season finale, she got eliminated but this didn't stop her from winning over the fans. Her passion for cooking and her bold signature dishes really paid off.

She is now a bartender and if you follow her on Instagram you can see that she has a lot of friends. She also has a lot of followers on Twitter too.


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