What Happened to Avery on Yellowstone?

March 7, 2023

what happened to avery on yellowstone

What happened to avery on yellowstone?

Avery is a character who many fans of Yellowstone have fallen in love with. She was first introduced in season one when Rip Wheeler hired her to be the only female ranch hand at the Dutton Ranch.

She was a tough and fearless horse groomer, and she quickly became the favourite of all the ranch hands. However, after she and Jimmy had a budding romance in season two, Avery mysteriously disappeared from the show without any explanation.

Why did avery leave yellowstone?

There are several theories as to why Avery decided to leave the series. Some think that her sudden departure was a way to bring attention to the countless Native and Indigenous women who disappear every year. Others think that her disappearance could be a social representation of how crimes against Indigenous people are unreported because of lack of police on Reservations in the U.S.

Why does avery want to leave yellowstone?

Avery is the former exotic dancer who was recruited by Rip Wheeler to be the only female horse groomer at the Dutton Ranch. She worked at the bunkhouse, and although she was a little sexy at times, she quickly proved herself to be a strong and fearless worker.

When Avery first appeared on yellowstone, she was flirtatious with Kayce. Despite this, the two were able to work together well.

However, things started to go wrong after she returned to the ranch. It appears that Avery may have had a thing for Monica in private, which could spell trouble for her and Kayce’s marriage. She even made Monica jealous for a brief moment in a scene that was revealed in season four.


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