What Happened to Baby Zeke in Ozark?

January 26, 2024

What Happened to Baby Zeke in Ozark?

Baby Zeke has had a rough go of it throughout the first season of Ozark. The son of Pastor Mason Young and Grace Young was used as a bargaining chip when the Snells got tangled up in the Byrdes’ money-laundering schemes. Once Darlene killed Grace and Marty killed Mason, Zeke was passed around among various people. In Season 4, Part One, the kid ended up in Ruth Langmore’s care.

Then, in the season finale, Javi killed both Darlene and Wyatt, thereby leaving Zeke in danger once more. Fortunately, he didn’t kill the child, though, and in episode nine — Pick a God and Pray — Ruth reunites with the infant. It’s clear that she intends to adopt him, which would be the best thing for both of them. Ruth has her hands full with her own drug empire, and having a child will give her a sense of purpose and something to focus on.

However, before that can happen, she has to make sure the police have proof of Javi’s crimes. In order to do that, she sends Buddy’s Rolodex to a local mobster and volunteers Zeke for DNA testing. That’s when the Byrdes resurface, hoping that the bones found in the Snells’ burnt poppy field will reveal Grace’s remains as well.

They’re able to bribe the medical examiner to confirm that the bones are only from the Snells. Once they have that proof, it’s time to turn up the heat on the Byrdes and their spineless associates.


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