What Happened to Bang Energy Drink Brand?

March 30, 2024

Bang came into the energy drink market with a bang in 2012, taking it by storm with its eye-catching cans and quirky flavors. The company quickly grew into a household name, but things started to turn south for the beverage maker back in 2022 when it was hit with a massive false advertising lawsuit from Monster Beverage. That case resulted in the jury awarding the Canarchy brand owner a record $293 million, and it ultimately led to Vital Pharmaceuticals Inc — the parent company of Bang — filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protections in October of last year.

The court-appointed liquidator of the Weston, Florida-based company said that a sale would be "in the best interests of creditors" and that "all business operations will continue." The sale was finalized today, with Monster Beverage Corp snapping up the former competitor's assets for $362 million. The colossal energy drinks maker said it will acquire "substantially all of the Bang Energy performance beverages and related business" as part of the deal, including a beverage production facility in Phoenix, Arizona.

The purchase is expected to close next month, with both the Bang Energy brand and the associated products continuing to be sold. During its second-quarter earnings call on Wednesday, Monster Beverage CEO Rodney Sacks said the acquisition was consistent with the company's strategy to "fill specific niches within the energy drink market" while keeping costs low. That includes lower freight-in expenses and a decline in aluminum can costs.


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