What Happened to Bang Energy?

March 16, 2024

If you've been craving a can of Bang Energy recently, we're sorry to report that you may have missed your chance. The controversial energy drink brand filed for bankruptcy late last year and was picked up by Monster Beverage Corp in a "you can't make this up" move. The company is reportedly going to save the brand's beverage production center in Phoenix, Arizona and keep it alive.

Bang first entered the market in 2012, marketed as a low-sugar energy drink that focuses on cognitive performance by blending in the unholy trinity of caffeine, BCAAs, and ultra coQ10. Their marketing strategy centered around a unique formula backed by scientists and medical professionals, and partnerships with popular TikTok creators like Tony Lopez and Alex Warren to promote their product with content that is still authentic to them.

Jack Owoc, the founder of Vital Pharmaceuticals (the parent company of Bang), is a mercurial emperor who oscillates between paternal benevolence and erratic ruthlessness. He has no board of directors and answers to nobody, and he can be a dangerous man to cross.

His brand has been a lightning rod for controversy, most notably in 2022 when it was hit with a massive lawsuit by Monster Beverage over false advertising claims of ingredients and supposed health benefits. More recently, the estate of musician Prince sued over the use of their music in Bang's advertising and promotion, and Owoc made headlines for donating $250,000 to Trump-supporting super PAC America First Action.


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