What Happened To Barney Harris, Why He Left Wheel Of Time?

March 7, 2023

what happened to barney harris

What Happened To Barney Harris, Why He Left Wheel Of Time?

What happened to barney harris is a question many fans of the popular fantasy series The Wheel of Time are asking. After all, Harris played Mat Cauthon, a character that was one of the major focal points in the first season.

Harris’s character is a pipe-smoking prankster who avoids responsibility, enjoys a good time and luck yet also has secrets. He’s a likable and roguish character, so it is no surprise that he received positive reaction from fans.

In addition to his role on The Wheel of Time, Harris has appeared in Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk and Starboy. He has also written songs that are mellow and have a folk/funk vibe.

His presence on Instagram has delighted fans with his interactive posts, referencing The Wheel of Time and the character Matrim. For example, he posted a photo of himself wearing the same scarf that his character does in the books.

Aside from The Wheel of Time, he’s also been seen in a few other shows and movies, but it is his role as Mat in The Wheel of Time that has made him famous.

He is a very young actor and has a lot to offer, so it’s no wonder that fans are worried about his departure from the show. Whether it was due to him feeling like he wasn’t getting enough screen time, or he just had a moral conviction that did not mesh with his employer’s beliefs, we don’t know.


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