What Happened to Berlin's Daughter on the Blacklist?

July 12, 2023

For a long time, it seemed like every name on the Blacklist had more and more connections to the last one. On Monday's episode, we saw a new pattern emerge: the murder of a character is followed by the death of someone close to that character. That's why it was so shocking when the daughter of Meera, a member of the Task Force, was killed. We're not sure why her family was so connected to her, but it made her murder especially devastating.

Earlier in the episode, Red told Fitch to meet him for flowers, which was a subtle signal that he wanted to talk to him. But before he could, Fitch's colleagues kidnapped him and strapped him with a high-tech collar that would explode when activated. After a bit of detective work, the task force realized that the man who was The Decembrist was none other than Fitch himself.

After this discovery, Red and the team go to visit Naomi in her new home. She's been hiding out with a new husband and daughter, but she knows that the secret is out. Despite his desire to leave town, Red convinces her that she must stay with him so they can protect their daughter. Red also ensures that Zoe has a one-way ticket out of town.


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