What Happened to Bernie Madoff's Wife Ruth?

April 2, 2024

As the world reeled in December 2008, hearing that Ponzi scheme mastermind bernie madoff had duped tens of thousands of investors out of billions of dollars, it was revealed he also duped those closest to him. His wife Ruth was never charged in connection to the fraud, despite plenty of chatter, but she kept a low profile and tried to distance herself from the scandal.

Now she's been found dead, reportedly of a murder-suicide, at her Florida home. According to Palm Beach County sheriff's office, 87-year-old Sondra Wiener and her husband, Marvin, were found unresponsive with gunshot wounds at their Boynton Beach residence on Thursday. Authorities have not released any information on a motive or cause of death.

The couple had been married for 67 years, and they had five grandchildren. According to Greenwich Time, the pair kept a very low profile in their neighborhood of Old Greenwich and were known to go to local bagel shop Sound Beach Avenue for a breakfast.

Sadly, the couple's oldest son Mark died in 2014 from mantle cell lymphoma cancer at age 48. During his life, he was estranged from both his mother and father and continued to maintain that he had no part in their crimes. He had a planned book to share his side of the story, but it was never published. Mark's death added a new layer of pain to his family, who still had to deal with the fallout from Bernie's arrest.


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