What Happened to Beth Thomas?

February 5, 2024

When she was a kid, Beth Thomas was so disturbed that her psychopathic behaviour earned her the nickname Child of Rage. She was only six when she shocked the world with her unimaginable behaviour that mirrored the actions of someone without a conscience. It was a result of the abuse she suffered as a young child from her biological father.

Beth and her brother Jonathan were abused physically, verbally, and sexually by their father. He also neglected them. Her birth mother died when she was only a year old, and she and her brother were then adopted by Tim and Julie Tennent. Despite their new life, Beth started manifesting severe behavioural problems. She exhibited psychopathic behaviour and even harmed animals. She fondled her brother aggressively, pinched and squeezed his private parts, and even pushed him down the stairs and smashed his head on the floor multiple times.

The couple became aware of the problem and tried to find the reason behind it. Beth was diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder called Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). She underwent a lot of therapy to reverse her condition. She was trained by a clinical psychologist named Ken Magid and Connell Watkins, who worked on reversing Beth’s psychopathic tendencies. Currently, Beth is living with her husband in Arizona and is working as a nurse in an American healthcare facility.


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