What Happened to Big Chief 2022?

July 11, 2023

When America’s List rolled around in March of 2022, fans were surprised to find that Street Outlaws star Big Chief was nowhere to be seen. He hadn’t appeared in any daily driver shootouts and he hadn’t uploaded new track testing videos to his YouTube channel for Midwest Streetcars Auto. Considering that Shearer was one of the main reasons America’s List got the green light, it was odd for him to just leave on his own like this.

The reason behind it was soon revealed to fans though. Several sources reported that Big Chief and Precious Day had fought before the first episode of the season aired and because of that, he decided to leave the show. However, the two have since patched things up and it doesn’t appear as if there will be any more fights in the future between the two of them.

It was also reported that Big Chief had decided to quit the show because he had other commitments and needed to focus on his family. However, Shearer himself has made it clear that he is not missing the show at all and that he is actually enjoying his life more now that he isn’t on it. He has been focusing on his car customization business and even races his own cars from time to time. He has been sharing YouTube videos that showcase his work as well. Shearer was born in Kentucky but moved to Oklahoma with his family when he was just 9. He has been racing ever since and is a huge inspiration to many people.


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