What Happened to Big Ed's Neck?

April 3, 2024

After 90 Day Fiance star Ed Brown debuted on the hit reality show, his behavior with 23-year-old Rosemarie Vega led to a lot of backlash. While many people focused on how he treated his former girlfriend, other viewers were also commenting on the fact that Big Ed’s neck was short and had an odd shape to it. It turns out that he has a medical condition that affects his appearance, and he’s opening up about it now.

He explains that he has Klippel Feil syndrome, which is a congenital disorder that causes the fusion of two or more spinal bones in the neck. This results in a shorter neck and limited movement of the spine. Ed says that he’s been dealing with it his whole life and that it’s not something to be ashamed of. He reveals that he’s tried to change his neck size by working out, but it wasn’t successful. He even mentions a time when he got stuck in a neck machine at the gym, which was scary for him.

Ed also reveals that he had to delay his neck surgery because the hospital didn’t have the right equipment. However, he was happy to finally get the procedure done because it will help him move around and be less confined to his bed. Despite his medical setbacks, he’s still a positive person and wants to tell everyone that they should accept themselves the way they are.


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