What Happened to Blake Griffin?

March 18, 2024

Blake Griffin’s once-prominent NBA career appears to be over. The former first overall pick’s time in Lob City ended before he could hold up a Larry O’Brien trophy and, even last season, his brief cup of coffee with the Brooklyn Nets saw him play only 41 games. The 34-year-old has a laundry list of injuries including a broken right hand, two stress fractures in his toe, back pain, a strained left MCL, a broken left kneecap and more.

His once-abundant explosiveness is all but gone now and he’s forced to reform his game into a skill-based role player. That’s not to say he can’t contribute on the court, but the All-Star calibre dunks that used to be his signature are a thing of the past now.

But despite the fact that his days as an All-Star are probably over, Griffin is a valuable addition to any championship contender. He brings a high basketball IQ, veteran leadership and a deep understanding of the game that would be welcomed by any team.

The Celtics are a clear frontrunner to win the Eastern Conference this season and adding a player of Griffin’s calibre would do wonders for their title hopes. Jayson Tatum spoke highly of him this season and, while that quote is mostly about his production on the court, it paints a picture of Griffin’s influence on the Celtics squad. That’s a good thing for the team, as is the fact that the 6-time All-Star cares about his teammates and is willing to do whatever it takes to get them the win.


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