What Happened to Blind Fury?

July 29, 2023

A lot of people are wondering what happened to blind fury. He was a very popular rapper with a huge fan following and a great talent. However, he disappeared suddenly from the world of hip-hop. This left fans wondering what really went wrong to him and if he will ever return.

Born in 1984 in Camden South Carolina, Fury was born with multiple birth abnormalities. He had Spine defects, also known as Spina-Bifida, and clubbed feet. His mother was told that he had no chance of making it past age one. But she refused to give up on her son and instead taught him to fight against his disabilities.

After a brief appearance in MTV's Rocafella MC Battle, Blind Fury became more famous after appearing in several other competitions. His talent helped him earn a good amount of money and popularity. However, he kept his personal life and family details private.

Currently, he is Single and has no children of his own. But, he has a large number of followers on his social media accounts and leads a positive lifestyle. He is an inspiration to the young generation and encourages them to be a good person.

While most movies would slap a pair of sunglasses on a blind lead character to really drive home their sightlessness, BLIND FURY does it the right way. Rutger Hauer gives a terrific performance, funny when it's called for, serious and dramatic when needed, and completely believable as someone who could kick your ass.


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