What Happened to Bob Menery?

February 10, 2024

bob menery is one of the most famous social media celebrities that built a sizable following mainly in the golfing world. He teamed up with the Nelk Boys to build their Full Send podcast empire and was well known for his captivating personality and viral videos. However, when he left the podcast to pursue his own ventures, it did not seem like it was amicable. In fact, he even claimed that the group had taken advantage of him and that he is owed thousands of dollars. However, NELK founder Kyle Forgeard hit back at those claims.

In an Instagram story, he shared a montage of his guests on the show and even included Dana White in it. This got the UFC boss to take to social media to weigh in on the situation, asking Menery to keep his name out of this feud.

Forgeard also defended his side of the story and he argued that he paid Menery over $1.2 million for 10 months of work, not to mention a significant cut in sales of merchandise and ads. He further backed up his claim by showing receipts on the matter.

Menery vowed to dive into the controversy and all the details surrounding his departure from the Full Send podcast in his latest episode of Ripper Magoos. He has been bringing in some big guests on the show including rapper Bobby Shmurda and NFL player Antonio Brown. He also hinted that he might bring on some more big names to the show as well.


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