What Happened to Boobie Miles?

July 29, 2023

Miles Sanders embodies the character of boobie miles from the movie Friday Night Lights. He not only shares the name, but also looks very similar to Derek Luke who portrayed him in the film. He has earned the nickname Boobie from his friends because of his resemblance and because he loves the film.

Miles lives in a house on Cedar Street in Kermit, Texas north of Odessa. It's modest and needs work, but it gives him a sense of security that he has rarely known since high school. He has diabetes and weighs over 315 pounds. He still has a knee injury that will not heal. He went to Ranger College and played semi-pro football. He still dreams of making it in the NFL one day.

In 1988, during a scrimmage, Miles injures his knee, but instead of sitting out the rest of the season, he chose to play on it. He rushed for 1,385 yards that year and had a lot of potential. The injury was his downfall and he never made it to the pro level.

He says he's over what happened at Permian, but that's not true. The experience roils inside him with the distance of age giving it a fresh perspective and increased bitterness. He blames Coach Gaines and claims that he told him he might as well major in track because that's what his father did and became a successful sprinter. He doesn't think Gaines liked him.


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